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Songs of Advent

Mary’s Song of Love (Luke 1:46-56)
After Mary has her conversation with the angel and is informed of God choosing her to be the mother of the Messiah, she responds with a song to the Lord.  In this song she recognizes the mercy and love of God to His chosen people.  In his sovereignty God chooses whom He wills, for whatever He wills, whenever He wills.  To be called and used by God for His purposes, demands a response of praise.

Zacharias' Song of Hope (Luke 1:67-80)
Zacharias, the father of John The Baptist, proclaims the coming fulfillment of the promises God made in generations past. The hope he proclaims will lead His people out of darkness and into the glorious light. When God makes a promise, He will perform it. It is in God’s promises that we are moved to praise is great name.

The Angels’ Song of Joy (Luke 2:8-20)
After the birth of Jesus, the first proclamation that would be made would be to the local shepherds by way of heaven’s angels.  In their proclamation they proclaim with great joy that the savior had been born just as God had promised.  This news should be celebrated with great joy. There is no greater joy than the joy of one who has been changed by the savior, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Simeon’s Song of Peace (Luke 2:22-35)
It was the requirement of every Israeli born male to be presented to God in the temple after a set time.  There was a man named Simeon in Jerusalem who was known to be very devout and faithful to the LORD.  This man waited patiently into his old age to see the messiah.  A promise was made to him by God, that he would not see death until he saw the messiah.  When the baby Jesus comes to Jerusalem He is seen by Simeon and Simeon sings a blessing over Jesus and is able to go to the grave in peace knowing that the messiah had come.  Just like Simeon, we to can find peace by knowing Jesus, the savior of all men who trust Him by faith.  

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