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Biblical salvation means to be eternally delivered from the wrath of God and the judgment of sin. God's power unto salvation is found in the gospel of Christ alone.


is simply taking the step to proclaim to all who will hear that you have placed your faith in Jesus and you are commited to following Him. By being baptized in water you are identifying with the death burial and ressurection of Jesus.

Sermon on Baptism


Lake Country Baptist Church exists to make disciples through the power of the Gospel. We believe that community plays a significant role in this process. We believe that the life of a disciple of Christ is one of a life long process of growth. God has graciously provided for us the Body of Christ (the church) to come along side and assist us as we ever learn to walk closer with Him. Community Groups give all of us the opportunity to experience this on a personal level.

Sermon on Community

Covenant Membership

is important to the Body of Christ. Covenant membership takes you from a place of doing into a place of being. There are many people who attend church, but how many really make themselves part of the church. With covenant membership we make a commitment to one another that we will love, serve, and support one another for better or for worse.

Sermon on Covenant Membership


As a Christian we are called to be like Jesus and to be like Jesus is to serve like Jesus, to give of ourselves. At Lake Country we want to make a habit out of loving others through service. What ministry team is God leading you to be part of?

Sermon on Service