Play and exploration are important to the development of a preschool child. Through play children learn appropriate social skills: expressing their feelings and using problem-solving techniques. They also learn to use their imagination and creativity. Through the use of centers (block area, dramatic play, reading corner, etc.) a large part of our day will be spent in child-initiated activities, where children have the opportunity to choose their activity and then play independently or along-side their peers.

Attentiveness, following directions and cooperation in a group setting are also very important parts of kindergarten readiness. Our small group, teacher-directed activities will be dispersed throughout our day and will include activities such as Circle Time, Art, Story-time, Bible Time, and Music and Movement. (for more details, see A Typical Day at Lake Country Preschool).

Each month our classes will explore a few different themes (our themes for the year are outlined in A Look at our Year) Our projects and activities will be based upon the particular theme we are exploring. Our activities will help us meet the listed goals we have for each of our classes.

A special time will be set aside each week for Bible Time. The children will sing songs and learn a Bible story using our First Look Bible Curriculum. We will also focus on a different verse each month that goes along with our Monthly theme. Different biblical principles (such as prayer) will also be incorporated throughout our day.

Circle Time

Each day begins with a interactive story or poem as the children are getting settled. The rest of Circle Time consists of our daily routines such as the calendar, weather, rhyme time, music, and mat man (based off of Handwriting Without Tears). The kids take turns each day doing (Jobs) helping the teacher with each of the above listed activities.

Table Time

Our Large-Group Table Time is based off our our weekly letter, number, shape or theme and helps us meet our listed goals for each class (fine-motor, letter recognition, confidence with scissors, math concepts, etc.). The key to our Table Time is meeting each child where they are and encouraging growth.

Centers: Small Group, Child Directed

Dramatic Play: Dress-up, role-playing, imagining, creativity...
Reading Corner: exploring books, quiet time, reading readiness...
Writing: creativity, reading readiness, letter and number recognition, drawing, fine motor.
Transportation Corner: Cars, Little People,role playing, imagination.
Table Manipulative: cooperative games, sequencing, sorting, manipulating objects, puzzles, shape recognition, color recognition, number recognition, letter recognition...
Building Center: blocks, legos, trains, animals, cooperation, creativity

Small Group Teacher Directed

For our Pre-K classes we will break into small groups once each week. At the beginning of the school year we will do assessments to see where each child is at academically. The groups will be a fun interactive time for more focused learning.


The kids will take turns bringing snack for their friends. They will also get to bring two show and tell items to share.

Music & Movement Teacher Directed

Your child will have a chance to participate in action songs, dancing, scarves, beanbags, parachute activities, instruments, group games...

Large Motor / Outside

outside playtime will be included in each day (weather dependent).

Bible Time

One day each week we will introduce our Bible story using our First Look Bible Curriculum. We will also have a time of singing praise songs to Jesus! Each month we will work on a different verse that goes along with our Bible Story.

Story Time

We will close each day with one or two stories. Flannel stories and interactive poems will also be used.

Sensory Room

Each day your child has the opportunity to spend time exploring in the Sensory Room. The Sensory Room changes each week and includes activities such as: sensory tubs (rice, sand, water, noodles, moon sand..), our light table, science exploration table, magnets, play-doh, etc.