Bible Studies are canceled tonight due to weather. (Nov. 30)


Lake Country Homeschool is a resource to you on your homeschool journey.  This is not a private school.  You are responsible, and in charge of your child’s education.  
Your child is under your authority while on our property.  Any behavior concerns will be directed to you, the parent.
Parent involvement is important to our ministry and therefore parents are required to stay on campus at all times.  If you leave campus, you must have a "Parent Sub" on file and prearranged before leaving the property.
While on our property, actions and behavior must abide by our Statement of Faith from parents and students.
Siblings are welcome on campus while students are in their class, but please be respectful of church staff.  We also run a preschool, therefore we ask that you're mindful of our boundaries for homeschooling families.
We have a play area with toys designated for small children.
As a homeschool group, each family is required to take on a role or job:  this can range from a teacher/asst. teacher, set up or take down rooms, take out garbage etc. Jobs will be assigned (and you will have the ability to state a preference) prior to the first day of school.
Our common area is a quiet space.  We will not permit running or loud activities while inside.  Please utilize the space outdoors for games during class hours.
We have a sports court with a tether-ball, basketball court and four-square for students and families.