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Parent Testimonies

Lake Country Homeschool is filled with a community of families desiring to do homeschool life together.  Parents have established great friendships while their children attend classes.  Here are some parents who were willing to share their heart with others.
We are so grateful for Miss Jen and Lake Country Homeschool. This was our first year homeschooling our 3rd grade son. We wanted to have a few core subjects with a co-op, so he could continue to have the structure of a classroom environment, encouragement from other positive role models, and enjoy social time with friends. Lake Country surpassed all those hopes.

We are so blessed to be a part of this community! They made sure the fun extra things like parties and school portraits happened for the kids. We even found a few new friendships with fellow co-op parents and their kids.

On an academic level, our son learned so much this year in language arts and math. He is now placing at grade level for language — and above grade level for reading and math. This was not necessarily the case in previous years, and we are grateful for the learning environment LCH has provided in supporting our homeschooling efforts. We’re also proud of how our son has grown in character and faith, this last year. Thank you, Lake Country!

-Joe and Mary Platz