Bible Studies are canceled tonight due to weather. (Nov. 30)

Our Philosophy

Our Lord Jesus had a special place in His heart and in His ministry for children. This is seen in what He said in Matthew 19:14 "...suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me; for of such is the kingdom of heaven." He not only loved children but had a sincere interest in them, to the point of extolling His disciples to not be dismissive of children but to embrace them wholeheartedly. Jesus opened up His arms and said, "...forbid them not." He saw them as treasure: they were to be cared for and protected so that they could shine God's light.

At Lake Country Preschool it is our desire to honor God and His Word in our interactions with and teaching of children:

1. We believe that children are created by God to be special and unique.

2. We believe that God loves them.

3. We believe God left us the most important "textbook": the Bible. Through teaching biblical stories and principles we will emphasize to children that they can have complete trust in what is written in the Bible.

4. We believe that parents are the most important people in a child's life. Each child will come to us with a different set of needs. We will work alongside each parent to meet the specific needs of each individual child.

5. We believe children learn best when they feel safe and cared for. Therefore, our goal is to create an environment where children feel free to express their ideas and communicate with their teachers and peers: a focus on continuity of care and a low teacher-to-child ratio will ensure that a strong relationship can be established between the teacher and each child.

6. We believe children find security when they know what is expected of them and they have a routine schedule. Our basic rules and expectations of them will be the same from day to day. Although the daily curriculum and activities will differ slightly, the structure and transitions of our program will remain consistent.

7. We believe that children are more confident and ready to meet the expectations in their kindergarten classroom when they have been exposed to a wide-range of activities in preschool. We will strengthen all areas of their development by offering time for both teacher-directed and child-directed activities.