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We believe, as the Bible teaches, that God has placed parents as the primary disciple makers of their children. Our role, as a ministry, is to come alongside you and, echo you as you teach your kids the gospel in the home. 


Ages: Infant - 2years

We have a team of volunteers who are passionate and excited to play with each baby.  Parents are able to worship in service while we share Jesus with every child.  Every adult serving is qualified, has passed a federal background check and proper training.  We usie a texting system to contact parents if needed.  


2 - 4 Years
Our preschool class is a joyful place!  We spend time every week learning how the Bible is one big story pointing to Jesus.  We teach songs from God's Word, watch a short bible video, play games/activities related to our lesson and invest into each child's heart.  We desire to teach kids that Jesus loves everyone.  

PreK - Kindergarden

Ages: 4 - 5 years

We desire our pre-k students to understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story—God’s story of redemption.  We use God's Word to teach songs, so children are singing scripture every week.  Together we do activities that center around each lesson, and watch a short bible video.


Ages: 1st - 5th grade

We believe we have the great privilege and responstiblity to show each child who Jesus is.  The Bible is more than a story—it’s good news!  We are intentional in using The Gospel Project to teach this good news. Our weekly Bible study helps us dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ.  We teach students that worship is more than just singing.

1st - 5th graders break into age appropriate small group time for focused prayer requests, learning how to navigate God's Word and intentional bible discussions.

Jen Massingale

LC Kids Director

In Lake Country Kids, we desire for kids to begin and understand that the Bible isn’t just a collection of stories, but it IS the story.  The story of redemption through Jesus Christ.  
The Gospel Project for kids helps us walk children through Scripture to understand how it all testifies to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while focusing on three major truths.  
The Gospel Story: The Gospel Story will help Kids understand that the Bible is not just a collection of stories from Noahs Ark, to David & Goliath but it’s Gods unified story of redemption.  Jesus is the story.
The Gospel Culture signifies that Jesus is apart of our every day life.  No matter what is happening in our life or throughout the day, we can cultivate an attitude that reflects JESUS is sitting right next to me, and are we reflecting his love… who He is, no matter what circumstances we face.

The Gospel Mission:  Each day we have an opportunity to talk about Jesus Christ and share Him with those we encounter.  From school, work, the grocery store or sporting events.  These are all opportunities we have to share Jesus with others.  We desire to help kids understand that even at a young age, we are on the mission field and can speak truth of Jesus.
Every Sunday, we send an email that explains what we are teaching in class, and what we will continue teaching next week. It also includes a family discussion guide and starting points to help bridge the connection from church to home.  Including a bible video for preschoolers - elementary students.

I am humbled and thankful for the privilege to partner with you, as we grow together towards our families living out the Gospel every single day.

Service Times



Classes for all children
Birth - 5th Grade



Classes for all children
Birth - 5th Grade